H440 and S340 Razer Builds by Father & Son

My name is Durrell Rittenberg and my son Amon and I are avid PC builders and gamers.

I have been building custom PCs since the late 90s when we all lived with masters and slaves, where 30GB hard drives were out of the question and where RAM had to be matched to run if you were lucky.

My 1st build was in the early 90s when I built a new machine for my lab in grade school.  Since then I have built and rebuilt more than 20 PCs.  My sons 1st build was about 4 years ago and he got everything for Christmas.  Amon is now a very knowledgeable PC enthusiast and he was the one to recommend Razer and NZXT.  In the past I have generally selected cases based on price and size for the specific application.  When my son recommended we look at the NZXT cases I was curious because they were selected by Razer for the Razer branded case program.  I have always found Razer products to be well built and very functional.  It was no surprise that the cases were very high quality.

Originally, I was planning on building the H440 and my son was going to build the S340, but the H440 did not fit in my work desk so we decided to switch.  Building the H440 was a great experience.  The case was well designed and it was easy to run the wiring through the back of the case which leads to a very clean looking PC.  I was struck by the utility of the drive mounts and their location relative to the openings for the wires.  This made the whole process simple it took less than an hour from opening the box to setting up the machine at my son’s desk.  The case looks great and the Razer accents complete the picture with Amon’s keyboard and mouse which are also from Razer.

After completing his we turned our attention to the S340 which Johnny was kind enough to sign.  The S340 was also high quality although compared to the H440 it was not as well appointed.  The build was easy to complete and as with the H440 running the wires was easy leading to a very clean build.  I liked the look of the case when the build was finished and was surprised at how nice the included accent lighting looked in my desk.  In general I am not a big fan of external and internal lights, but the S340 is subtle and elegant – not too flashy so I find that I leave them on 50% of the time. Going in to this experiment I never thought of the case as a critical piece of the build.  After building the H440 and the S340 I realize how much better my builds would have been using NZXT cases from the get go.


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