H440 by Sam Wade

I’m Sam Wade and I love building PC’s – even more so than gaming on them!

I’m relatively new to the custom PC scene and started building in February of this year. This is my third build based around this hardware. It’s went from being air cooled, to budget water cooling, to a custom closed loop cooler.

I have changed pretty much everything on this PC and the only thing that’s stayed the same is the motherboard. Sadly, being a student means I can’t splash out, as of yet, on multi-gpu setups and hardline water cooling. So at the moment it’s sitting as shown.

I get all my parts from Overclockers due to their warranty and customer service. I picked the parts I have based on three main things: aesthetics, performance, and budget. They all seem to fit the bill quite nicely for the H440. Now that Skylake is driving DDR4 prices down, I think I’ll go with an X99 configuration and possibly get another GTX 980 Ti GPU in the not-to-distant future…and maybe plan a full custom loop for that.