H440 by Peter Laurenson


My name is Pete. I’m a fairly new builder. I’ve had my current build since September ’13.

I built my computer as a treat for myself after finishing a year long placement related to my degree. During this placement I was spending over 2 hours travelling to and from work which gave me lots of time to research parts.

I chose my parts at the time for their price/performance ratio, though I also spent a little more to make things more aesthetically pleasing! My initial budget was £700, though I ended up having more to spend and spent £900 overall.

After a year I had a little spare money to upgrade the system as although I was satisfied with hardware performance, I felt it could look a little better. This is where NZXT came in. They had just announced the H440 and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have one! I got one as soon as they landed in the UK, and it made my build look a lot better!

The next upgrade was changing the cooler from the Phanteks to the Cryorig. Partly for asthetics & partly for performance reasons. I also bought a Kraken X31 & G10 GPU bracket to reduce the temperature & noise of my blower style GPU.

My computer now acts as my gaming PC and my houses entertainment system, so the asthetics are now more important than ever before. The next few upgrades will be an increase in storage space for my boot & media drives and I may also swap the RAM sticks for white ones.

Most of the parts for my build came from Scan.co.uk, Novatech, Overclockers.co.uk & Amazon.

Thanks for reading!