H440 by Derek Ellis

My name is Derek Ellis and I’m the Admin of NxtGenPC. Since I was a kid I always loved computers. Building a computer can be a pain if you don’t know what your doing, thats why all my friends and family come to me. They all know I have a passion for computers and I enjoy working on them.

Currently, I would consider myself experienced when it comes to building PC’s. I recently started to add little mods to my builds because I wanted them to be unique and a one of a kind if possible. For this build I got my parts mainly from Newegg except for the motherboard. I ordered the H440 black/blue from the Armory website and I purchased by GPU from my friend.

I’m all for performance when it came to choosing my parts. If I did’t like the color of something I’ll just paint it myself. I recently changed my build to add custom water cooling, if i could recommend something I would love to see a larger case from NZXT. Something with the H440 chassis and optional rad mounts to accommodate a 360mm and 420mm rad. I would of loved to do this build in a H440 but it’s just to small.

Overall its by far the best case i built in and I recommend it to all 11.5k followers on Instagram.

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