Gulf Racing Noctis 450 by Brian Miller

The first thing newly-hired employees are required to do on their first day of work is build their own PC. None of these employees know beforehand and they receive no help besides a printout of our “How to Build a PC” eBook, a screwdriver, and zip ties.

The reason we do this is because we believe everyone should be able to use the products we sell – especially if we’re telling people to build a PC with them.

Not every PC hardware manufacturer is the same but I’m willing to bet NZXT employees can build with the best of them. We take pride in everything we sell because we are as equally proud when we use it. Our hardware is more than a SKU number; it’s something we are passionate about.

Our newly-hired Sr. Product Manager proves it.

New employee Brian Miller surprised everyone at the office when he strolled in to work on his first day with his very own custom-built Noctis 450. We knew he was a fan of cars based on his experience working in the automotive field but nobody expected this…