Everything You Need to Know about NZXT’s New RGB Controller Lighting Ecosystem

The RGB Controller is one of NZXT’s most popular products. It’s widely recognized as one of the best pieces of hardware to light up your PC and builders from all over the world have praised this product for its unique features. Many Gen 1 RGB Controller users have also provided NZXT with feedback on what they want to see this product do next and we’re happy to announce that we brought many of those ideas to reality with our new RGB Controller ecosystem.

Consisting of 10 new products, including the four-channel RGB Controller and the external RGB Controller, along with several new accessories, the new Gen 1 RGB Controller ecosystem provides PC builders more options for customizing their systems.

Here’s everything you need to know about NZXT’s new RGB Controller ecosystem:

HUE 2 RGB Lighting Controller

The RGB Controller is the direct successor to Gen 1 RGB Controller and improves upon the original design in many ways. Not only is RGB Controller than the Gen 1 RGB Controller, but it’s also easier to install and provides more mounting options thanks to the addition of magnets. We’ve also doubled the amount of output channels from 2 to 4 along with making it possible to mix-and-match LED strips and Aer RGB fans on the same channels.

The RGB Controller not only looks and performs better, it’s also easier to install!

Key features:

  • 4 independent channels supporting up to 40 LEDs and 6 accessories per channel
  • Ability to mix and match lighting accessories in each channel based on your needs
  • Faster, smarter, and better synchronization across other lighting accessories

LED Strips

The LED strips contain the same amount of LEDs (10) as Gen 1 RGB Controller. However, this new LED strip microprocessor offers an instantaneous response time and the synchronization across other accessories has also been vastly improved. And because RGB Controller channels have been doubled, you’re now able to have a maximum of 160 individually-addressable LEDs inside your PC compared to the 80 (40 per channel) allowed by Gen 1 RGB Controller.

LED strips respond instantly and sync across your other accessories.

Key features:

  • Instantaneous response time and lighting synchronization across accessories
  • Numerous presets, smart, audio, gaming and custom modes
  • Includes 10 individually-addressable RGB LEDs per strip with magnetic and double-sided tape installation options

Aer RGB 2 Fans

Besides LED strips, Aer RGB 2 fans are the best way to add lighting to your PC. The new design includes over 20 lighting modes while keeping noise levels to a minimum (23-33 dBA). Aer RGB 2 also integrates seamlessly with other RGB accessories and it’s now possible to mix fans and strips on the same lighting channel unlike before with Gen 1 RGB Controller.

Aer RGB 2 fans integrate seamlessly with the entire RGB ecosystem.

Key features:

  • Instantaneous response time and lighting synchronization across accessories
  • Delivers optimal airflow while providing advanced lighting customization
  • Includes 8 total RGB LEDs and 20+ lighting modes


The Underglow accessory allows you to add gorgeous underglow lighting to nearly any PC case. The specially-designed kit uses double-sided foam tape to simplify installation and also provides a PCI-e bracket for elegant cable routing. Featuring up to 30 LEDs, the Underglow is guaranteed to make a visual impact on any PC.

The Underglow adds gorgeous underglow lighting to any PC case.

Key features:

  • Specially designed kit works with nearly any PC case
  • Easy installation with double-sided foam tape
  • Includes 15 individually-addressable RGB LEDs

Cable Comb

The Cable Comb accessory adds clean organization and lighting to your PC. Not only does it organize your cables, but it also syncs with the entire HUE 2 RGB lighting ecosystem. Featuring a total of 18 individually-addressable LEDs, the Cable Comb accessory is the perfect addition to any PC you want to light up.

The Cable Comb lets you clean up your PC while showing it off.

Key features:

  • Adds clean organization and lighting to your PC
  • Syncs seamlessly with other RGB accessories
  • Includes 18 individually-addressable RGB LEDs

Ambient Lighting Controller

The Ambient lighting controller provides you with an immersive desktop lighting system. With over a dozen preset lighting modes besides Ambient Mode, the Ambient lighting controller easily mounts to the rear of your monitor and uses your walls to visually immersive you in your favorite game. Available in two sizes and for monitors between 21″-35″, the Ambient Controller is all you need to create the perfect mood.

The Ambient Accessory is easy to install and brings RGB lighting to your entire room.

Key features:

  • Specially-designed kit for RGB illumination from the back of your monitor
  • Available for monitors between 21″-35″
  • Includes between 64 (small kit) and 72 (large kit) RGB LEDs

Frequently Asked Questions about the RGB Lighting Ecosystem

Will Gen 1 RGB Controller LED strips and Aer RGB fans work with RGB Controller?

Yes, you can connect Gen 1 RGB Controller LED strips and Aer RGB fans to RGB Controller but you cannot mix these accessories on the same channel or with RGB Controller accessories.

Will RGB Controller LED strips and Aer RGB 2 fans work with the Gen 1 RGB Controller?

No, LED strips and Aer RGB 2 fans will not work with Gen 1 RGB Controller and will only work with the RGB Controller.

How many accessories can I connect to the RGB controller?

The RGB Controllerhas 4 channels and you can connect up to 6 accessories per channel with a maximum of 4 LED strips or 5 Aer RGB 2 fans.

Can you connect accessories to the Ambient controller?

Yes, you can connect RGB Controller accessories to the Ambient controller, however, Ambient Mode will not work with those accessories.

Does the Ambient require a separate controller than the RGB controller?

Yes, the Ambient Controller is a separate lighting system than the RGB Controller. The Ambient lighting kit is an external lighting controller with an external power adapter (wall plug), while RGB Controller lighting kit is for internal PC accessories.

Have more questions? Ask them in the comments section below and we’ll update this post regularly!