Artwork by Design Contest #3 winner: AniπŸ”Ί#4001

Announcing the NZXT πŸ’œ CLUB Design Contest #4!

This month’s theme: THE NZXT πŸ’œ CLUB CAST!

Design your best NZXT artwork for a chance to get your masterpiece turned into art that will be immortalized on the official NZXT podcast. As a bonus, we will also turn your design into limited-edition stickers that will be given away on the NZXT Discord server for free as well as an emote for our community to enjoy!

About the Podcast:

The NZXT πŸ’œ CLUB CAST is a podcast hosted by the NZXT community team. Each week we bring in the unsung heroes of NZXT to talk about products, music, video games, and pasta. Each episode we showcase artwork created by the community and are now looking for your designs!

Need some inspiration for your artwork?

Click here to learn more about the NZXT πŸ’œ CLUB CAST

Contest Overview:

  • Only one design submission will win!
  • 35 server members (5 from each rank + 5 from server boosters + top 5 finalists) will win 5 limited-edition stickers
  • NZXT will never make these stickers again!

Contest and Giveaway Schedule:

  • (3/11/2020 – 3/25/2020) Upload your best NZXT artwork to the #entries channel.
  • (3/11/2020 – 3/25/2020) Vote on your favorite artwork by reacting with a πŸ’œ
  • (3/25/2020) The design with the most reactions will be crowned the winner.
  • (3/25/2020 – 3/30/2020) Enter the giveaway for a chance to win limited-edition stickers.
  • (3/31/2020) 35 giveaway winners will be announced and receive their prizes.

Submission Details:

  • Direct Message @TigiBot#4087 with the command !submit followed by a link to an image to submit your artwork.
    • We recommend third-party hosting sites such as Imgur for fast loading and to prevent your entries from getting lost.
    • Example: “!submit <link to your artwork>“
  • All designs must be related to NZXT (see examples in the #wallpapers channel).
  • Only entries that are submitted to the #entries channel are eligible.
  • All artwork must be original content and participants must be able to show proof if asked.
  • All submissions must be a minimum of 1080 x 1080 pixels.

Additional Giveaway Details:

  • Enter the giveaway by reacting to the Giveaway Bot message in role channels with a :tada: emote reaction.
  • NZXT will make limited edition stickers of the winning artwork.
  • 5 winners from each role will be randomly selected via the Giveaway Bot.
  • Each winner will receive 5 limited edition stickers we’ll never make again.

By entering the NZXT Design Contest, you agree to our Terms of Service


Remember: the higher your role is, the better your odds are at winning…so start chatting (not spamming) in the NZXT πŸ’œ CLUB Discord server and rank up to improve your chances!

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