Debunking Common Myths about PC Gaming

We love gaming at NZXT. Whether it’s on a console, smartphone, or PC; you can usually find us playing something. But if we had to choose just one platform to game on, we’d pick the PC because nothing compares to it.

There are a lot of common misconceptions about PC gaming that dissuade many gamers from trying it out. Not only do these gamers think building a PC is too hard (debunked by our eBook!), but they are also misinformed.

If you’re one of these gamers who’s been wanting to embark into the world of PC gaming but are skeptical, this blog post is for you.

Here are some common myths about PC gaming:

PC Gaming is Dying (or Already Dead!)

Yes, it’s true: the PC is dead – at least the way we used to think about it. A PC is no longer a box of wires connected to a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. PCs are now smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even our cars.

Personal computing has never been so personal. And while the traditional notion of what a PC once was no longer exists, there is one sector where it’s been growing exponentially over the years: gaming.

The PC gaming industry generates over $25 billion a year and has now surpassed the console market in total annual revenue. This may come as a surprise to people who have been touting the PC being “dead” but it makes sense to gamers who’ve been building PCs for a while.

After all, why wouldn’t you want to play the best versions of a video game?

PC Gaming is too Expensive

Building a gaming PC has a higher startup cost than purchasing a console or downloading a game to your phone. But what a lot of gamers don’t realize is that a PC can do a lot  more than let you play video games and it won’t charge you extra for it.

Let’s assume you’re a gamer who wants to buy a new console. Typically, this also involves buying a few games, a couple of accessories, and signing up for an online subscription so you can play with your friends.

On average, this is how much you would spend:

  • Console – $400
  • Video Games – $60/each
  • Online Membership – $40/year
  • Accessories – $???

The price of console gaming adds up rather quickly. And when you consider some of the most popular PC games are free (Dota 2) or downright cheap (Counter-Strike), don’t require the latest PC hardware, and don’t charge you extra to play online; the PC starts to look a lot more cost-effective, doesn’t it?

In the end, PC gaming is all about playing whatever game you want, with whoever you want, and not having to pay extra for it.

PC Gaming Doesn’t Have Many Games

One of the best aspects of PC gaming is the availability of games. Not only do PCs have access to the latest titles, but there are also many indie games that will never see the light of day anywhere else – and they all cost less than you’d expect.

PC gaming storefronts like Steam, GOG, and Origin are notorious for having amazing discounts and you can always buy several games for the price of one. And if you really wanted to play a console or mobile game on your PC, there are ways to do this.

A PC will also let you play older titles without having to own a separate machine. This means you won’t have to re-purchase your favorite video games and can play every game you’ve ever purchased whenever you want.

You can even use your favorite controller.

Why All the Confusion?

I’m not sure why there are so many misconceptions about PC gaming but I hope this blog post helped clear up some of the confusion. If you’re still skeptical about how easy it is to build a pc, how much a gaming PC costs, or the availability of PC games; let me know so I can help you experience what you’ve been missing!