5 Tips For New PC Gamers

Are you new to the world of PC gaming and don't know what to expect? Here are the 5 tips that every PC gamer...
Mark Ferguson
6 min read

NZXT Presents: “The Beast” CS:GO Community Night on FACEIT!

Win a Limited Edition Hyper Beast Case and More!
35 sec read

How to Keep Your Wrists Healthy (During Lengthy Gaming Sessions)

PC users of all ages know all too well that lengthy sessions of using a PC in any manner leads to wrist pain.
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How to Turn Your PC into an NES Classic Edition

If you couldn't get your hands on a Nintendo's new NES Classic Edition, you're probably just as frustrated as I am.
1 min read

RLCS Season 2: Midseason Mayhem Recap

While the Mayhem tournament didn’t affect RLCS standings, the stakes remained high with a $20,000 combined prize pool on the line!
5 min read

RLCS Season 2 Recap: Week 2

The RLCS competition heated up as teams jockeyed for the top spots in each region’s standings.
4 min read

Do PC Games Represent the Changing Demographics of Players?

There was a time when both the console and PC gaming markets were dominated by men, but times are changing.
2 min read

RLCS Season 2 Recap: Week 1

Here’s what happened week 1 of RLCS season 2.
1 min read

Are Rocket League Crates Good or Bad for the Game?

Find out why I’ve been excited for the Rocket League crate system since the day it was announced and why I think it nets...
Mason Dunlap
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