Can You Build an Intel Skylake Gaming PC under $1000?

There are several reasons why you should purchase a Skylake CPU if you’re about to build a gaming PC from scratch. Not only are these CPUs the first chips Intel is dedicating to gamers, they’re also relatively cheap.

Skylake CPUs are priced competitively against previous Broadwell processors but many builders are not convinced they can save money because they also require a new Skylake motherboard. These new motherboards also require new DDR4 RAM and few are backwards-compatible with DDR3. Obviously, these fancy new pieces of hardware can be pricey but they don’t have to be.

I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to build a brand new gaming PC using Intel’s Skylake CPU and save money doing so. I know this because we just built an Intel Skylake gaming PC live on Twitch with very expensive parts.

Can You Build an Intel Skylake Gaming PC under $1000?
This was definitely not built on a budget.

Our  build was not budget-friendly (who could turn down an NVIDIA Titan X?) but it made us wonder if we could build something great for under $1,000. Surprisingly, piecing together this PC wasn’t hard thanks to PC Part Picker’s excellent job at finding rebates and deals.

Take a look at our PC Part Picker parts list:

Can You Build an Intel Skylake Gaming PC under $1000?

Can you build something cheaper?

With all these discounts and rebates, our budget Intel Skylake build will cost you 969.89Depending on your budget and how committed you are to finding good deals, you could probably build an Intel Skylake Gaming PC cheaper than the one we put together. Don’t believe me? Take a look at my list of where to shop when you’re building a PC on a budget and see for yourself how much money you can actually save and still have an awesome gaming PC.

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