Can RGB PC Lighting Actually Be Useful?

There’s no denying that RGB lighting is the hottest trend in PC gaming – but can you actually put it to good use?


Everything from keyboards, mice, and even mousepads has tasted the rainbow by now and you’re probably wondering what’s next. However, what you’re probably not wondering is how to turn those pretty lights inside your PC into something useful. It’s true – RGB lighting doesn’t just have to be eye candy!

NZXT makes a lot of RGB accessories like water coolers, fans, and LED kits. However, what you probably didn’t know is that our CAM software can actually put these lights to good use. And the best part is that your computer will still look beautiful.

Here’s how NZXT makes RGB lighting useful for your PC:

GPU Temperature Monitoring

Every PC gamer knows that the graphics card is the most important piece of hardware inside their computer. And as games get more demanding on this crucial piece of hardware, it’s even more important to keep a close eye on GPU temps so you don’t destroy the most expensive thing inside your your computer. Thankfully, our CAM software does a good job at letting you know when it’s time to hit pause.

With CAM Smart Mode Lighting, your RGB LEDs will change color depending on the GPU temperature. With 9 distinct and customizable lighting zones, you’ll never have to worry about your graphics card overheating and shutting down during a crucial part of the game. You can also adjust these colors to anything you want so your battlestation is always looking exactly how you want it.

CPU Temperature Monitoring

After the graphics card, the next most important (and expensive) piece of hardware inside your computer is probably the CPU. While most games are not CPU-intensive, streaming sucks up a lot of processing resources. If you’re thinking of showing off your gameplay online, you’ll also want to keep a close eye on CPU temps so you don’t damage your processor.

CAM Smart Mode Lighting can keep track of your CPU temps the same way it does with the GPU. And because you can completely adjust the lights to any colors you want and at whatever temperatures you want, monitoring both temperatures won’t be a problem at all. You can also set up different lighting profiles so you can match the warning lights for different scenarios like daytime lighting, nighttime lighting, or anything else you want.

FPS Monitoring

Besides keeping tabs on your temperatures, CAM Smart Mode Lighting can give you an advantage while you game by letting you know how your FPS is performing. This is extremely useful for competitive games where every frame counts because you’ll be able to troubleshoot problems before they get out of hand. It also makes it easy to know how your PC is performing without having to look away from the game.

The way CAM Smart Mode Lighting works for FPS is very similar to the way it monitors GPU and CPU temps. Just set the lighting zones for whatever colors you want to notify you, and CAM will let you know when your FPS goes up or down. And just like the GPU and CPU temperature monitoring, you can set different lighting profiles to match your favorite games.

But wait, there’s more!

Perhaps my favorite CAM lighting feature is Game Mode which gives you a massive advantage over the competition. Currently, this feature is only available for CS:GO but the CAM team is working on adding more games to the roster. Even if you don’t play CS:GO, you’ll probably be interested in how it works.

With CAM Game Mode turned on, you can program the lights inside your PC to change during different game scenarios. These scenarios include when the C4 is planted, when someone throws a grenade, or when your health is running low. This means you can spend more time focusing on those headshots and less time keeping track of what’s going on!

Make your RGB lighting useful with NZXT products!

All of the RGB lighting features described in this blog post are available for all NZXT RGB products. Currently, this includes our Kraken Series all-in-one water coolers, HUE+ LED lighting kit, and Aer RGB fans. Learn more about them at and make your RGB lighting useful!