3.2.04 Release Notes

New Features: 
  • Introduced brand new CAM control UI that simplifies the user experience under the Tuning tab. You can now sync your lighting modes.
  • Provided support for new AER RGB fans.
  • Provided support for new X42, X52, and X62 AIO coolers.
  • Added new CS:GO game mode for HUE+. HUE+ will now respond to in-game events such as health, grenades, and C4 arming.
  • Added new Custom Wave mode for HUE+. Create your own spectrum wave!
  • Added CPU Fan Speed and GPU Fan Speed to the Basic dashboard.
  • Removed Top Apps features to reduce CPU usage by up to 70%. For i5 and i7 PCs, CAM’s CPU usage should now be close to 1% or below.
  • Improved HUE+ response time for Audio mode immensely. It is now out of beta and ready for prime time. Get your disco ball ready!
  • Increase the Kraken fan control range from 25C – 55C to 25C – 75C for fan curves tied to CPU or GPU Temperature.

3.1.71 Release Notes

Bugs Fixed:
-Fixed CAM resetting MSI Afterburner GPU OC settings

3.1.62 Release Notes

Bugs Fixed:
-When a user changes the hostname or re-installs Windows, CAM will still recognize it as the same PC
-User cannot uninstall CAM successfully
-Changed the updater process so that it does a complete fresh install of CAM each time it updates
-GTX 1000 series showing invalid data in Expanded section
-User’s can’t click next on tuning page disclaimer
-The shortcut stops working in the public version
-Running directly from folder won’t work. it’s trying to launch CAMLauncher

3.1.50 Release Notes

Bugs Fixed:
-HUE+ Audio mode not working
-Google login error

3.1.43 Release Notes

New Features:
– Added support for RX 480

– Updated installer text
– Updated language translations
– Reduced initial display time for components
– Improved response time
– Improved updater

Bugs Fixed:
– Save PC image after upload
– Save PC nickname in cloud
– Games History is missing or cleared
– When opening expanded view, use current screen
– In mini mode, double clicking the icon doesn’t pull it to the front
– Artifact when no channel is selected on HUE+ screen
– CAM desktop icon keeps showing user account control screen
– No response on Kraken after installing CAM
– Not getting correct device settings
– Settings can’t be updated by mobile
– Mini-CAM view will freeze after putting the PC to sleep.
– Tuning settings not applied after restarting
– Freeze up on the general settings screen.

3.1.36 Release Notes

-Updated FPS to support Fahrenheit
-Use current values for community avgs
-Added disable Kraken detection option
-Added disable hardware notifications
-Updated FPS to support overwatch
-Support for Intel Broadwell=E CPU processors
-Set smooth fan curves

-Minimized CPU usage
-Improved UI user experience when moving window
-Updated default FPS Overlay settings
-Faster HUE+ audio mode
-Removed swapping pc feature but keep manage pc screen, feature is available on mobile
-Disabled community temps for load to tweak feature and fix bugs

Bugs Fixed:
Fixed grid -1 fan speed
Fixed incorrect tab switch in laptop
Fixed scaling of the small PC image in Switch PC menu
PC image not loading consistently on build page
CAM full screen does not work in triple monitor setups (Nvidia only)
When I set Kraken to CPU temperature and reboot my PC, sometimes the Kraken will revert to Liquid temperature
Ram icon in Mini mode
Fan profiles cannot be applied on GRID+ V1

3.1.2 Release Notes

– Improved UI that shows default and overclocked speeds

Bugs Fixed:
– CAM Tuning changes GPU BIOS fan profile
– Wrong AMD CPU temperatures
– Crashing issues in certain games
-Hysteresis fan control is not being saved.

3.1.1 Release Notes

Same as 3.1.0

3.1.0 Release Notes

New Features:
– GPU Overclocking (beta)
– GPU custom fan control
– Overlay has been redesigned with a cleaner, more organized look
– Overlay can now be positioned anywhere on the screen using x-y position coordinates
– Top Apps monitoring can now be disabled to decrease CAM’s CPU usage
– HDD monitoring can now be disabled

– Temperatures for AMD CPUs are now more accurate with AMD Thermal Margin System
– Hysteresis fan control is now available for NZXT fan control products
– Faster login process
– Improved game images on the Games tab
– CAM now loads in the background during Windows login

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed overlay issues for most games
– Fixed N/A showing for community temperatures for certain systems
– Fixed login crash issues
– Fixed GRID+ custom fan profiles not working correctly on a fresh start of CAM
– Fixed 0 PC count for community temperature function
– Fixed screenshot function
– Fixed auto-start issue where CAM would not start
– Fixed bug that shows “CPU Fan has lost its connection” too many times
– Fixed bug where if CAM is closed but still running in system tray, clicking desktop icon doesn’t reopen CAM application