Welcome back to our monthly infographic! Here, you’ll find that we’ve compiled gaming data from the free CAM software to show you what games are being played by users and how the games are performing on different hardware.

This month, CAM users really are all about that EZ skins life, with CS:GO toppling LoL’s stronghold on the #1 spot of the list. CS:GO is growing at a rapid pace; TBS’ ELEAGUE is affirmation of this fact. (BTW, if you haven’t watched this Team EnVyUs frag movie, go grab some popcorn right now and fire that sucker up.)

We also have yet another newcomer dribbling past the competition (cringe-worthy pun for the day, completed) into the #18 spot – Rocket League! This game shows no signs of slowing down, with sales still growing even 10 months after its release, the ongoing broadcast of the first ever Rocket League Championship Series on Twitch with a $75,000 prize pool, and being the first ever game available on Xbox One to support cross-platform play with PC players.

We look forward to seeing this game climb the ladder even higher in the coming months!

Hardware Feature: Rocket League

According to a recent article recently published on Forbes, “Steam accounts for 36% of Rocket League’s active player base and growing” (keep in mind that while PS4 accounts make up 42% of the player base, the game was also completely free on the PlayStation store for a month, leading to a large number of game downloads). But let’s face it: who can resist the allure of ramped up graphics, increased frame rates, and the ability to select from a wide range of controllers to play the game with? I use a DualShock 3 controller myself for its large domed thumbsticks – something that wouldn’t be possible on PS4 or XB1 consoles!

Let’s take a look at what hardware my fellow car soccer enthusiasts are rocking:

The majority of users have NVIDIA GTX 970 GPUs powering their rigs – unsurprising because the performance for the price is quite good. They’re enjoying FPS ratings in the upper 80s at 1080p, made possible only on PC by a somewhat recent patch that uncapped the frame rates. Even GTX 960 users are enjoying rates above the baseline 60fps that most games shoot for these days.

Of course, GTX 980, GTX 980Ti, and R9 290 users are getting to really enjoy the game in all its glory, pushing frame rates of 90 FPS and beyond with ease at 1080p. Even at 4K resolutions, GTX 980 and 980Ti users are still enjoying 60+ FPS! This is where Rocket League on PC can really shine.

The fact is that in Rocket League, your eyes have to take in a good amount of information quickly. Losing focus for even just a single second in Rocket League can easily feel like an eternity due to its fast-paced nature. With higher frame rates translating to a much smoother viewer experience, I would argue that it feels like I’m able to play the game better since I don’t feel like I’m losing out on even a split second of information. I strongly suspect that this is also one of the primary reasons that professional players use PC instead of console, despite the fact that consoles players have access to Rocket League tournaments as well (for example, even PS4 players can participate in the Rocket League Championship Series, but you will see the top teams consisting of only PC players).

Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love my PS4 and PS3 consoles, and I am grateful that I got started on Rocket League because of the free download on the PS store when the game first released. However, the uncapped frame rate makes a big difference for me, personally, and that is one of the primary reasons I do all my grinding on the PC version of the game.

I look forward to the release of the GTX 1070. Granted, from a visual fidelity standpoint, a Pascal GPU will probably be overkill since Rocket League is not demanding in the least (kudos to the Psyonix gaphics engineers for optimizing this game thoroughly!). However, I definitely want to see what kinds of frame rates this new GPU tech can output in a game like Rocket League and what sort of benefits it might yield for more competitive players.

Is your hardware on this list? If not, what GPU are you using? Be sure to let us know, download CAM, and compare your results!