Budget Build Guide: Rocket League (Blue Team S340)

A while back, we wrote a build guide for Rocket League that utilized some of the newer tech on the market for a more “future-proof” gaming PC. However, newer tech is often accompanied by higher price tags, so today, we’re taking a look at a balanced PC built with Rocket League in mind that won’t break the bank! It even has a nice blue theme (sorry, Orange Team!).

The developers at Psyonix Studios did a wonderful job optimizing Rocket League – this means that the game can still be enjoyed on less powerful hardware. In fact, today’s build guide can run the game at 1080p and 60fps with all the settings maxed out, and that’s just using a GTX 750 Ti. Best of all, the whole build rings in at less than $600! Big kudos to the devs at Psyonix for making a great game that runs smoothly on inexpensive hardware.

Blue Team S340 Build ($595)

  • Case – NZXT S340 Black/Blue ($69.99)
  • CPU – Intel i5-4460 ($169.99)
  • CPU Cooler – CRYORIG H7 ($34.50)
  • Motherboard – ASRock H97 Anniversary ($69.88)
  • Memory – Kingston HyperX Fury Blue 8GB DDR3-1600 ($29.99)
  • HDD – Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM ($45.89)
  • GPU – EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB ($124.99)
  • PSU – EVGA 600W 80+ Bronze Certified ($49.99)

Total Cost: $595.22


As you can see, we squeak in just under the $600 mark here with this build, and there’s plenty of room for upgrades down the road if you ever have the need!

If you need to save even more money, you can nix the aftermarket CPU cooler – just be sure to monitor your CPU temperatures with our free CAM software to make sure that the stock CPU cooler is doing enough work! Excessive heat is a sure-fire way (pun fully intended) to kill your PC’s components, so always cool them properly.

You get to save a good chunk of change by using a non-modular power supply unit (PSU) in our NZXT S340 case. This is because our S340 has an awesome PSU shroud built in, so it hides that spaghetti mess of excess cables attached to the non-modular PSU! No matter what, you’ll have a clean and professional looking PC, and the S340 is a breeze to build in, even as a first-timer.

As an added bonus, we have some nice color-matching tones between the blue highlights of the S340 case, the ASRock motherboard, and the Kingston RAM. You could even add something like an OCZ solid-state drive for your operating system for even more blue color and faster boot-up times. That’s the beauty of PC building – you can personalize and configure your PC however you like!

Be sure to reach out to our team at NZXT with any questions you have about building your own PC. Once you’re done, we’ll see you in the pitch!