“Bat Girl” Noctis 450 by Alex DiLuzio

I’m Alex, a long time custom PC builder. I’ve been building PC’s since high school, and eventually got bored playing Legos and having the same parts and cases that everyone else had. I found my passion in modding when a friend wanted to add a window to a case he owned, and ever since then I’ve been spiraling down the rabbit hole.

Most of the parts in this build were sourced from Newegg and Amazon, and were actually recycled from another build I did a while back called “Liquid Air.”

These parts were chosen for framerates in games. My wife is extremely sensitive to low frame rates, to the point where anything below 45 FPS causes her headaches and nausea. This meant that any rig that we built for her had to be able to pump out a good frame rate on a 2560×1080 monitor. A 780Ti has been treating her well and keeping her frames above 60 and her graphics settings on High.

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