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Gaming PC Build Guide: The 3 Best BLD Systems for Playing Overwatch

How we select these builds: After analyzing over ten million gaming hours (and counting!), our recommendation engines have helped assess FPS metrics of the...
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Gaming PC Build Guide: The 3 Best BLD Systems for Playing Fortnite!

Want to play Fortnite on PC? Explore our gaming PC build guide and choose which of our 3 best BLD systems are right for...
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Are Rocket League Crates Good or Bad for the Game?

Find out why I’ve been excited for the Rocket League crate system since the day it was announced and why I think it nets...
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Why Pros Play Rocket League on PC Instead of Console

Mason interviewed pro Rocket League player Turtle from team Exodus to find out why professional players choose PC vs console!
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Rocket League Tips: The 3 Best Camera Settings to Tweak!

In this Rocket League tutorial video, Mason shows you the 3 best camera settings you should change!
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Event Recap: Rocket League Championship Series Finals

NZXT is and always will be the very first sponsor of the RLCS, and we can’t wait to keep supporting the game through sponsorship...
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How to Build a $450 Gaming PC Optimized for Rocket League

Want to build a gaming PC for the same price as a console? Check out our Rocket League Orange Team S340 Build Guide!
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Rocket League Tips: How to Perform Air Dribbles from Off the Wall

The Rocket League air dribble is arguably one of the most mechanically challenging and beautiful techniques of the game...this is how you do it...
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A Special Trick to Accelerate Faster in Rocket League

Learning how to accelerate quickly in Rocket League is a's the best way to do it!
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