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How to Clean Your Keyboard

If you don’t stop to clean your keyboard once in a while, you may be surprised by the crumbs, grease, dust and various kinds...
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How to Install a CPU

Following some simple guidelines and visual landmarks, it’s easy to ensure a CPU is installed and clamped-down correctly.
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Airflow Enhanced with Aer F

Continuing to deliver increased performance for PC gamers and builders everywhere, NZXT today announces the newest member of its Aer family of fans with...
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How Should You Build a Gaming PC?

Defining that the core focus of a PC build is for “gaming” is a good first step – but there’s more to figure out...
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S340 Elite by Geir Arne Granberg

From Norway, with love! This S340 Elite is ready for action.
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S340 Elite by Jonas Tornqvist

This black and white S340 Elite is super clean!
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“Jaries” Desk Mod by Aries Villaflor

Take a look at one of the most unique mods we've ever seen!
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How to Build a Non-Gaming PC

There are many different types of non-gaming PCs that you can build.
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CAM 3.3.0 is live!

What’s New? -Added enable/disable the GPU overclocking feature -Added Bass mode under audio on lighting  
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