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#NZXTBUILDS: H440 by Michaël van der Heijden

One of the most unique H440 mods we've ever seen!
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How to Install the NZXT Kraken G12 GPU Mounting Kit

The NZXT Kraken G12 allows you to quickly mount any Kraken Series liquid cooler onto a graphics card - here's how to install it!
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#NZXTBUILDS: ASUS Republic of Gamers S340 Elite

ROG forum regular Chino put together a sweet gaming and streaming rig with the Maximus IX Formula motherboard.
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#NZXTBUILDS: Bud Light Esports S340 Elite

Enter today for your chance to win this custom built Bud Light gaming PC!
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Introducing the S340 Elite Hyper Beast

NZXT is excited to announce the S340 Elite Hyper Beast Limited Edition, a monstrous psychedelic evolution of the popular S340 Elite mid-tower. Following up...
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Unlock the True Power of Your GPU with the NZXT Kraken G12

An update to the previous Kraken G10, the Kraken G12 allows for easier installation and wider compatibility with more than 30 popular liquid AIOs...
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#NZXTBUILDS: Purple H440 by Derek Ellis / XLR8GAM1NG

Derek "NXTGENPCS" Ellis helped us build the #PUCKIT Challenge PC and the results are amazing!
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How to Keep Your Wrists Healthy (During Lengthy Gaming Sessions)

PC users of all ages know all too well that lengthy sessions of using a PC in any manner leads to wrist pain.
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How to Install a Graphics Card

Graphics card installation is one of the easiest aspects of build assembly.
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