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NZXT Expands BLD Service Into Canada

NZXT today announced that BLD, the simplest way to get a customized gaming PC, is expanding its service into Canada. With BLD, Canadian gamers...
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Video: H500/H500i Installation Guide

Building a PC with NZXT's New Compact Mid-Tower ATX Case
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Gallery: HUE 2 Underglow

Easily add gorgeous underglow RGB lighting to nearly any PC case using the HUE 2 Underglow accessory.
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Gallery: HUE 2 Ambient RGB Lighting Kit

The HUE 2 Ambient Lighting Kit uses your walls to visually immerse you in your favorite games or create the perfect mood with ambient...
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Gallery: HUE 2 RGB Lighting Kit

With four separate channels, individually addressable RGB LEDs, and a variety of compatible accessories, the HUE 2 RGB lighting kit takes PC lighting to...
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Gallery: HUE 2 Cable Comb

Let your build shine like never before. The HUE 2 RGB Cable Comb accessory adds clean organization and lighting to your sleeved motherboard, GPU...
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Video: Introducing the HUE 2 Family of RGB Accessories for the PC

Consisting of 10 new products, including the HUE 2 RGB controller and the external HUE 2 Ambient Lighting controller, the new HUE 2 ecosystem...
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See Your Battlestation In A Whole New Light

10 new products in the new HUE 2 RGB family from NZXT deliver the broadest line of RGB lighting accessories for PC builders.
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NZXT Announces H700 Nuka-Cola, the Ultimate Fallout-Themed PC Case

Zap your thirst for Nuka-Cola with the refreshing CRFT 02
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