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209 Stories by NZXT

#NZXTBUILDS: H700i by Malik Customs

One of the first H700i builds we've seen! This is the next generation of #NZXTBUILDS.
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Introducing the New H-Series!

The new H-series showcases NZXT’s vision for modern PC building.
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Introducing the GRID+ V3!

Featuring the perfect balance between silence and cooling.
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Introducing the Special Edition Vertagear x NZXT Gaming Chair!

Fans of both NZXT and Vertagear will now be able to order a lush black and purple chair!
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#NZXTBUILDS: “Villain” Noctis 450 by NCIX

To help get you in the Halloween spirit, NCIX PC is releasing the Villain PC; instead of dressing yourself up (you're too old for...
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Liquid Cooler Placement Guide: Should You Mount Your Kraken on Front or Top?

Does it really matter where you mount your Kraken?
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NZXT Kraken Guide: How to Optimize for Silence and Performance

Here's how to make things nice and quiet while keeping that Kraken cool!
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Let’s Build a PC w/ Ladee Danger!

Can a cosplayer build a PC? Tune in and find out!
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Does AIO Liquid Evaporate?

What exactly happens to all that water?
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