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307 Stories by NZXT

NZXT Twitch Machine by Eric Henry

3 1 sec read

Noctis 450 by Matt Morias

I needed an upgrade for photo/video editing from my MacBook Pro 2013 now that my photography has gotten pretty serious.
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S340 by Ivan Barajas

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“Trident of Neptune” by MercoMods

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Gulf Racing Noctis 450 by Brian Miller

The first thing newly-hired employees are required to do on their first day of work is build their own PC. None of these employees...
1 40 sec read

CAM S340 by Kevin Shih

Although the S340 was released late last year, it’s still one of our most popular cases.
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The Future of PC Gaming Looks Bright

Because everyone that works for our company is also a PC gamer, it's important for people to know that we are just as passionate...
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