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277 Stories by NZXT

How to Build a PC with a Theme

Whether you want to build a PC from the ground up or are overhauling your trusty old rig, a strong theme can help guide...
1 5 min read

“eNVy” by Joey ‘MunneY’ Munn

I'm Joey - or "MunneY" - and I consider myself an experienced builder.
0 21 sec read

Phantom 410 Computer Lab by East Norfolk Sixth Form College

Hello, I’m Mark from IT Services at East Norfolk Sixth Form College, Norfolk (UK).
0 39 sec read

Spartan H440 by Oblivion Systems

I'm Jack from Oblivion Systems - a custom PC builder based in the UK.
0 40 sec read

Phantom 240 by Stuart Reddington-Blyth

In January 2015, I jumped from being a console gamer for as long as I can remember!
0 24 sec read

Noctis 450 by Dennis Gonzales

Hi, my name is Dennis! I am a systems engineer for a video game company. I have been building PCs for about 10 years...
1 1 min read

S340 by Rick Weaver

Being my first build, I wasn't sure where to even start.
0 18 sec read

Custom PC Magazine Gives the H440 Designed by Razer its ‘Approved Award’

Custom PC magazine’s latest group test features two cases in the flagship range from NZXT.  Both cases were praised for their design, performance, and...
0 31 sec read

How a Nine-Year Old Girl Built Her First Gaming PC

We all remember building our first gaming PC.
7 4 min read