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307 Stories by NZXT

Candlelight Mode Now Available for Gen 1 RGB Controller

Happy Holidays!
10 28 sec read

H440 Projekt Built by Eric Lönnerhed

This white and orange H440 is unique, powerful, and Swedish.
0 18 sec read

How to Start Streaming on Twitch

Streaming on Twitch isn't as difficult as you think, but you need to make sure you have certain things in place.
0 3 min read

Siren NOCTIS 450 Built by EVATECH

This build proves the NOCTIS 450 is definitely a bold statement!
0 1 sec read

S340 Built by Eduardo

This black and red S340 features a great budget hardware selection and proves PCs don't have to be expensive!
0 10 sec read

White Shadow S340 Built by Orbital Walsh

Let's just say the name fits this S340 well...
0 11 sec read

Peasant Masher H440

Calling this rig a battlestation would be an understatement.
0 2 sec read

How to Optimize Your CS:GO Settings Like a Pro

Trying to rank up in CS:GO? Let an ex-pro lead the way!
178 5 min read

How Conceptual Design Influenced the Noctis 450

NZXT is proud to bring bold back and the Noctis 450 stands as one of NZXT’s most daring, stunning, and futuristic cases yet.
1 1 min read