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BIOS Settings

Booting into BIOS (or UEFI, as it’s now called) is the first step to configuring a new computer. It’s also confirmation that the core...
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CPU & CPU Cooler Installation

Installing the CPU is one of the more delicate processes of PC building – especially if working with a non-LGA socket, where pins exist...
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Misconceptions about Building a PC

On average, there are approximately 14 screws involved in building a computer – maybe 18, depending on case. One Phillips screwdriver, some screws –...
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Motherboard Overview

At this point, it’s time to start the build and assembly process. We recommend assembling the system barebones first, and doing so outside of...
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BIOS Overview

“BIOS,” like “MODEM,” is technically no longer the correct terminology when referring to on-motherboard firmware. These days, the UEFI standard has assimilated all motherboard...
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Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Getting everything assembled for the first time and discovering a boot error (or just that the system doesn’t even “try” to turn on) can...
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Cleaning PC Hardware

It can be difficult to keep hardware clean, but it’s far less expensive than buying new parts to replace poorly-maintained ones. There are many...
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Fixing an Overheating PC

Thermal shutdowns are triggered by a metric called “TjMax,” or Thermal Junction – Max Temperature. When a CPU or GPU begins hitting its maximum...
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Checklist Before First Boot

A good once-over never hurt anyone; in fact, there’s a good chance that a quick once-over could prevent boot issues or component damage. Once...
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