Jeff Gorndt

  Software product manager at NZXT, working to make CAM the best monitoring and hardware control software in the world.


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CAM 4.2.4 Released!

NZXT CAM 4.2.4 Released 26 February 2020 Features: No new features Adjustments: Added the ability to set Kraken fan speeds to 0%. Added dithering...
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CAM 4.2.3 Released! Reduced memory usage, expanded Kraken Z functionality, and more!

NZXT CAM 4.2.3 Released 12 February 2020 Features: Added a brightness slider for the Kraken Z LCD screen. Added a loading state to the...
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NZXT CAM 4.1.0 Released!

NZXT CAM 4.1.0 Released 20 November 2019 Features: Support for the upcoming NZXT Audio line has been added. For more information about the NZXT...
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NZXT CAM 4.0.13 Released 6 November 2019 Features: No new features Adjustments: Changed Overclocking behavior so that overclock profiles will never apply on load,...
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NZXT CAM Changelog – Version 4.0.12

NZXT CAM 4.0.12 Released 23 October 2019 Features: No new features Adjustments: Changed the behavior of NZXT CAM when other programs attempt to connect...
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NZXT CAM is Now Available!

  NZXT is releasing a new version of CAM! We’ve built NZXT CAM from the ground up to deliver a fast, stable, and easy-to-use...
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Preview the Newest Version of CAM and Help NZXT Make it Better

We’re excited to announce a preview version of the new CAM!
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