Jeff Gorndt

  Software product manager at NZXT, working to make CAM the best monitoring and hardware control software in the world.


13 Stories by Jeff Gorndt

Introducing NZXT CAM Beta

INTRODUCING NZXT CAM BETA We’re excited to provide the tech-savvy members of our community an opportunity to help us make NZXT CAM even better. ...
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NZXT CAM 4.8.0 Released!

NZXT CAM 4.8.0 Released May 26, 2020 Features: Added the ability to disable automatic game hooking in Settings. Adjustments: Improved behavior of the interactions...
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NZXT CAM 4.5.0 Released!

NZXT CAM VERSION 4.5.0 Released Apr 8, 2020 Features: Added the ability to administer surveys via CAM. A random sample of users will now...
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NZXT CAM Version 4.4.0 Released!

Released 25 Mar 2020 Features: No new features Adjustments: Reduced window size. Added additional logging around device interactions so that hardware interactions can be...
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CAM Mobile App Support Ending

The CAM mobile app is being retired on March 31, 2020. We’ve worked hard to make sure that the new NZXT CAM is faster...
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NZXT CAM 4.3.0 Released!

NZXT CAM 4.3.0 Released 11 March 2020 Features: Updated app navigation. Users can now navigate the app via links on the left-hand side of...
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CAM 4.2.4 Released!

NZXT CAM 4.2.4 Released 26 February 2020 Features: No new features Adjustments: Added the ability to set Kraken fan speeds to 0%. Added dithering...
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CAM 4.2.3 Released! Reduced memory usage, expanded Kraken Z functionality, and more!

NZXT CAM 4.2.3 Released 12 February 2020 Features: Added a brightness slider for the Kraken Z LCD screen. Added a loading state to the...
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NZXT CAM 4.1.0 Released!

NZXT CAM 4.1.0 Released 20 November 2019 Features: Support for the upcoming NZXT Audio line has been added. For more information about the NZXT...
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