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Can You Build an Intel Skylake Gaming PC under $1000?

There are several reasons why you should purchase a Skylake CPU if you’re about to build a gaming PC from scratch. Not only are...
6 1 min read

Why Intel’s ‘Skylake’ Is the Perfect CPU for Gamers

Intel is officially launching its sixth-generation of desktop processors today and builders all over the world will soon be upgrading their PCs.
5 2 min read

The Top Ten PC Games for July 2015

Check out this cool infographic based on CAM user data! How do your playing habits compare?
1 0 sec read

Our Favorite Builds from QuakeCon 2015

We walked around QuakeCon 2015 all weekend snapping pictures of our favorite builds!
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Is Batman Failing on PC a Good Thing?

Warner Bros. Interactive recently apologized for the debacle that is the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight. “We have heard the PC gaming community...
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Real-Time FPS Tracking Added to CAM PC Monitoring Software

Little by little, we have been fine-tuning every aspect of our PC monitoring software and adding all the features requested by the gaming community.
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