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Let’s Build a PC w/ OpTicDi3seL!

OpTic Di3seL is the newest member of Team NZXT and we're celebrating by building a PC and giving away some prizes!
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Let’s Build a PC with LOLRENAYNAY!

We're welcoming LOLRENAYNAY to Team NZXT with an awesome SteelSeries giveaway!
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NZXT Presents: “The Beast” CS:GO Community Night on FACEIT!

Win a Limited Edition Hyper Beast Case and More!
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NZXT Becomes First Hardware Partner for PC Building Simulator Game

The only thing we like more than building computers is playing video games - and pretty soon, we'll be able to play video games...
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Hyper Beast T-Shirts Now Available at the NZXT Store!

Designed by Brock Hofer himself and available exclusively on the NZXT Store!
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Is the NZXT Kraken Compatible with AMD Threadripper?

Needless to say, AMD Threadripper processors are going to need to stay cool.
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Answers to Common Questions about NZXT RGB Products

We make a lot of different RGB products at NZXT but you may not know which ones do what or how they work with...
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NZXT RGB Overview: How to RGB All the Things!

If you're wondering what NZXT products you need to make your PC lit, this is the stream for you!
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Behind the Scenes at BLD: How NZXT Builds Gaming Computers! (4K Time Lapse!)

This behind-the-scenes time-lapse video is for a special BLD project we worked on for Seagate. Take a look and see how NZXT builds gaming...
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