April Fools’ Day Revisited: A Closer Look At Some Of Our Wackiest Ideas!

Here’s what we didn’t do this year and a recap of some of our best jokes ever.

Yesterday was April Fools’ Day and by now you’ve probably heard about our new Kraken Clean vacuum cleaner. We can’t confirm or deny the validity of this product, but what we can do is show you all the wacky April Fools ideas that didn’t make the cut this year. Not all of them are great, but at least they’re all funny in their own special way.

But before we get into our rejected ideas, let’s take a look at some of our jokes from years past…

NZXT Loves April Fools’ Day

It’s no secret that NZXT loves April Fools’ Day. In fact, it’s a rare exception where we don’t try and do something fun for the PC gaming community on this day. And while we took last year off due to the uncertainty of the pandemic (we’re saving that joke for a special day), we have plenty of other years to look back on for examples on how we like to celebrate.

Here are some of our best April Fools’ Day jokes from the past:

2011: Pink Phantom

Believe it or not, colored cases were not really a thing 10 years ago. So when we told the world that we were making a pink computer case, we didn’t expect people to actually want to buy it. But enough people asked for this thing that we actually made it come true.

Fun Fact: You can still buy Pink Phantoms on eBay every once in a while but only if you’re willing to pay several hundred dollars over MSRP to get yourself one!

2016: SHUE+

Most people wear shoes…but only gamers would wear something with RGB soles. This footwear was a nod to our HUE+ lighting controller and was even featured in several tech publications. While it didn’t end up being a real product, it did set the stage for our recent collaboration with RTFKT.

Fun Fact: Our original idea for this year was the “HUE Minus” (an LED controller that turns off lights) but our boss didn’t think it was that funny!

2017: One Puck Man

All it took was one Puck for us to make you laugh. Puck Man might seem like a joke, but supporting your GPU from sagging is serious business. So serious we even made a manga about it.

Fun Fact: Our Business Development Manager, Wesley Ruscher, won first place for his Puck Man cosplay during this year’s NZXT Halloween costume contest!

2019: A Free Computer

Perhaps our greatest (and most evil) April Fools’ Day joke wasn’t even a joke at all. We spent years, and I do mean years, telling people NZXT would never give away a free PC. Then, at exactly midnight on April Fools’ Day, we told the world that we would be giving one away.

Fun Fact: This was a REAL giveaway but everyone who entered thought it was fake!

Our Other Wacky April Fools’ Day Ideas

Now that you had a look at what we’ve done in previous years, let’s take a peek at some of the April Fools’ Day ideas we didn’t go with in 2021. None of these ideas were necessarily bad, but they didn’t quite compare to the Kraken Clean so we scrapped them. Who knows? Maybe we’ll save these for another April Fools’ Day!

A Water Cooler with 4 Pumps

One for your CPU, one for GPU, and two for…?

Wheels for Your Computer

Turn your PC into a portable gaming rig!

A Kraken for Your Raspberry Pi

In theory, this could work…in theory.

The World’s Brightest RGB


Clippy Office Assistant but Pucci

Imagine if this thing came pre-installed on your computer?

Happy April Fools’ Day!

We hope you enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane and looking at all our wacky April Fools’ Day ideas. And don’t worry if we tricked you with any of these, you’re not a fool…we’re just happy we made you smile.

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