Answers to Common Questions about NZXT RGB Products

We make a lot of different RGB products at NZXT but you may not know which ones do what or how they work with each other. And if you’re one of the many people who ask us questions about our RGB hardware, this blog post will explain all the different products you can install on your PC and how they all work with each other.

Some of the most common questions I get asked are: 

  • How many Aer RGB fans can I install on a Gen 1 RGB Controller?
  • Can I install more than one Gen 1 RGB Controller on my PC?
  • Does the Kraken X require Gen 1 RGB Controller?

Not only will I answer these questions (and more) in this blog post, but I’ll also let you know how they work with each other!

Here are the different NZXT RGB products you can install on your PC:

Gen 1 RGB Controller

The Gen 1 RGB Controller is our LED controller that can be considered the “motor” of NZXT RGB. This piece of hardware mounts on any standard 2.5″ SSD drive tray and allows you to connect LED strips and Aer RGB fans (see below) so you can light up your PC as much – or as little – as you want. You can also sync LED strips and Aer RGB fans together so they work in perfect harmony, or set different lighting modes for strips and fans if you prefer chaos.

Answers to common questions about Gen 1 RGB Controller:

  • Gen 1 RGB Controller has 2 lighting channels
  • You can connect 4 LED strips per channel
  • You can connect 5 Aer RGB fans per channel
  • You cannot mix and match LED strips and Aer RGB fans on the same channel
  • You can install more than one Gen 1 RGB Controller on your PC (Check out this video!)


Aer RGB fans are essentially LED strips that can also cool your PC. This piece of hardware is available in two sizes and can be installed on any standard 120mm or 140mm fan mount. As mentioned above, the lighting of these fans is powered by Gen 1 RGB Controller but you will need to power the fan speeds via a fan controller like our GRID+, the fan hub on your case, or the fan headers on your motherboard.

Answers to common questions about Aer RGB:

  • Air blows through the RGB side and out the non-RGB side
  • You cannot swap the RGB side to non-RGB side and vice versa
  • You can daisy-chain 5 Aer RGB fans together (only one needs to be connected to Gen 1 RGB Controller)
  • Aer RGB is not available as a static pressure fan (that’s what Aer P is for)
  • You can use Aer RGB fans on your Kraken radiator but we recommend Aer P for maximum performance


The Kraken Series is our line of all-in-one liquid coolers. This piece of hardware can be mounted onto your CPU or GPU if you have a Kraken G12 GPU mounting kit and compatible graphics card. Thanks to CAM’s Sync Mode, you can also sync the Kraken with the Gen 1 RGB Controller LED strips and Aer RGB fans or set different profiles altogether.

Answers to common questions about Kraken:

  • Kraken is available in 3 radiator sizes: 140mm (single fan), 240mm (dual fan), 280mm (dual fan)
  • Gen 1 RGB Controller is not required to light up the Kraken RGB pump
  • Kraken supports AM4 (you can request a bracket from us if you need one)
  • You don’t need to swap the fluid from a Kraken or do any maintenance besides cleaning the fans
  • Kraken is backed by a 6 year warranty that covers any damage it may cause to your PC

NZXT RGB is Powered by CAM

CAM PC monitoring software is at the heart of all NZXT RGB products and allows you to use lighting presets or customize your own lighting profiles. CAM also allows you to “connect the dots” between all the different NZXT accessories (not just RGB) and keep track of your PC and gaming performance. CAM also has plenty of handy RGB features you may not be aware of and even powers non-NZXT products like the Cryorig H7 Quad Lumi.

Different lighting modes you can use with CAM:

  • Smart Mode to warn you about high CPU temperatures
  • Smart Mode to warn you about high GPU temperatures
  • Smart Mode to warn you about sudden FPS drops
  • Game Mode to integrate with CS:GO (flashbangs, mollies, and life meter)
  • Audio Mode to get the party started

Have more questions about NZXT RGB products? Ask away!

These answers should cover all the common questions we get asked about NZXT RGB products. If your question wasn’t covered, feel free to ask in the comments section below and I’ll let you know the answer. Now go out there and RGB all the things!