All About the NZXT Discord Server Bots

This blog post written by NZXT Discord server moderator JackBostjancic#1337

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to read this entry of the NZXT Blog!

This post is all about the NZXT Discord server and its most popular bots. The bots that we have on the server perform different functions and have different commands – so this blog post will provide everything you need to know!

NZXT Discord server bots

Our server has several bots and the most popular are:

  • Tigi Bot
  • Puck Bot
  • Mee6
  • Dyno

If you’re curious what these bots do and how to use them, you will learn how right here on our blog. We’ll also tell you about the NZXT Discord server in case you you’re not a member yet.

What is the NZXT Discord server all about?

First, we are going to go over what Discord is, and what the NZXT Discord server is all about! Discord is a chatting service that allows you to join a server with a specific topic or focus in mind. There, you can bond with people over similar interests and it connects you to the world. Think of it as “real-time” Reddit.

We believe the NZXT Discord server is one of the best because we’ve actually turned it into a club for you to earn rewards. Once you join the NZXT Discord server, you get an automatic membership to the NZXT💜CLUB. Not only does this guarantee you receive some awesome NZXT merchandise, but you can meet other gamers like you!

There is a channel for everyone in the NZXT Discord server – whether you just want to chat, offer PC building tips, help others with troubleshooting, or anything else! The minute you join the server, you are welcomed into an amazing community who strive to spread NZXT’s core values and have a passion to assist others.

The NZXT Discord server is all inclusive. If you have trouble about another piece of hardware from a different company, you can still ask. We are all here to help for all brands of hardware and issues! You don’t even need to own a PC to join.

If you are ever lost, ask another member or a moderator and they will be glad to help, we are always here for you. But remember to read the rules; reading them will help you have the best experience possible!

Tigi Bot

So you all must be wondering: “How is a Tiger bot (Tigi Bot) useful to our discord server?” The answer is simple! Tigi Bot can provide information about NZXT products, compliment or hug others to cheer up their spirits, provide information about the NZXT social media accounts, give you a list of authorized NZXT retailers, and offer information about NZXT’s BLD program. TigiBot also offers descriptions about every product sold by NZXT!

Tigi Bot in action part 1
Tigi Bot in action part 2

Tigi Bot does a lot more too. Two of the most-used commands are “!hug @(DiscordID)” and “!compliment @(DiscordID)” because sometimes people are having a bad day, but an action from Tigi Bot will definitely cheer them up! How can you be sad when Tigi Bot is there for you?!

Tigi Bot Command List:

!tbhelp – Show some information about me, and some commonly used commands.

!tbcommands – A list of all my commands.

!ping– A quick test to ensure I’m not sleeping.

!products – A list of all NZXT product categories.

!products-cases – A list of all NZXT cases with commands to learn more about them.

!products-cooling – A list of all NZXT cooling products with commands to learn more about them.

!products-motherboards – A list of all NZXT motherboards with commands to learn more

!products-power – A list of all NZXT power supplies with commands to learn more about them.

!products-lighting – A list of all NZXT lighting products with commands to learn more about them.

!products-accessories – A list of all NZXT accessories with commands to learn more about them.

!rules – Link to the NZXT #rules channel.

!retailers – A link to retailers of NZXT products.

!BLD – A link to NZXT’s BLD service.

!CAM – A link to NZXT’s CAM application site.

!BuildGuide – A link to NZXT PC building guide.

!facebook – A link to NZXT’s Facebook page.

!twitter – A link to NZXT’s Twitter page.

!instagram – A link to NZXT’s Instagram page.

!reddit – A link to NZXT’s Reddit page.

!compliment – A command that allows you to compliment someone.

!hug – Send someone a hug.

!fortune – Get your fortune…from a Tiger.

!hackerman – The Hackerman image. Use only when someone has been elite in their technical skills!

Puck Bot

Another popular NZXT Discord server bot is Puck Bot. You may not know this, but the Puck is actually an NZXT product – not to mention one of their most versatile ones! In our server, it is not so much a product, but more of a utility tool for the community – some might even call it NZXT’s unofficial mascot!

Members are able to save their PC specifications with Puck Bot and others are also able to see everyone’s builds. Now, instead of asking someone, “What is your PC build list”, you can use the function “.pc1 @(DiscordID)” and it will show you right away if they have anything saved!

Puck Bot lets you share your PC with others

There is a limit of three PCs that can be saved, but anyone in the server can save three under their name. If you are confused about the format of the bot, just type the command “.template” and you will be able to see what to do. In addition, Puck Bot has a handy “.avatar” feature, which allows you to see the profile picture of another member in a bigger image. So, if you were ever wondering, “What on earth is that?”, there will be an answer waiting for you!

Finally, there is also a command that you can create an invite to the server, either to check how many people are in the server or invite others to it.

Puck Bot Command List:

.Help – Displays the commands in your DMs

.Invite – Creates an invite for the Server

.Website – Gives a link to the Server’s Website

.Avatar [@user] – Gives a link to the specified user’s Avatar

.Ping – Pings the Bot

.Roll [minimum] [maximum] – Rolls a number between the specified numbers

.Template – Gives you a template for the .SetPC commands

.SetPC1 [specs] – Sets your PC1 Specs

.SetPC2 [specs] – Sets your PC2 Specs

.SetPC3 [specs] – Sets your PC3 Specs

.PC1 [@user] – Displays the specified user’s set PC1 Specs

.PC2 [@user] – Displays the specified user’s set PC2 Specs

.PC3 [@user] – Displays the specified user’s set PC3 Specs

.BotInfo – Show’s information about the Bot

Mee6 Bot

Mee6 is the bread-and-butter bot of the server. Its primary job is to randomly give between 15-25 XP to a member every time they send a message. To prevent spam or XP flood, our server has a 1 minute cooldown before you can earn XP again. To check your XP and your rank, type “!rank” in the #levels-and-ranks channel. To check your level amongst others, type “!levels” in the same channel and click on the link.

Mee6 lets you know how you rank in the server

Not only does Mee6 provide someone’s rank, but he can also auto-ban members. You will receive a ban if you have three Mee6 infractions in five minutes. Examples of infractions are: excessive capital letters, duplicated text, inappropriate language, and spam.

Whatever you do, make sure you do not get any of these warnings!

Mee6 Bot Command List:

!rank – Shows your current level and xp gained for that specific level and how much you need

!levels – Gives a link to the Mee6 website with the leaderboard for NZXT. Here you can compare
your current level to others.

Dyno Bot

One of the more renown bots in the server is Dyno bot. There are two versions of Dyno bot: the free version and the premium version. Our server has the premium version in the server because it allows moderators to do complete more actions with it. Some of Dyno’s uses are: warning/banning members, auto-warning members for inappropriate language, and also playing a radio station in the music channel, and much more! Some people may not like Dyno because of his issued warnings, but he is innocent, what is not to like!?

Dyno Bot Command List:

Available for moderators only!

Join the NZXT Discord server to check out the bots!

I hope you found this information useful and allows you to enjoy the server in a whole new way. Our community is excited to greet new members and everyone fits right in and they play a certain role. You guys are the ones who make the server run in a great way.

Just remember the rules, they are extremely important!

See you all “NZXT” time – we look forward to chatting with you in the server!