All About NZXT’s New E Series Digital Power Supplies

We just launched our brand new line of digital power supplies and we’re excited to provide you with unique features to enhance your overall computing experience.

Because the E Series power supplies provide you with features like digital voltage and temperature monitoring, you can now get real-time information about your PSU including total up-time, wattage by rail, and temperature.

Available in three different configurations and featuring top-quality components; the NZXT E Series promises to deliver both peace of mind and clean, reliable power to your gaming PC.

What makes the E Series digital PSU unique?

We envision a world where the PC is the only platform for a deeper, more immersive gaming experience. Our goal is to create products that make your PC smarter and capable of automatically responding to the demands of whatever you’re doing. This includes gaming, browsing the web, and anything else you use your PC for.

Like our new H Series cases, the E Series digital PSUs are another step in completing our vision for providing you with a better PC. The E Series is critical for this because it not only gives you more control over your PC, it also makes it safer. This is especially true for those of you who like to push your PC to its limits but don’t have a clear understanding off how your PSU is performing.


A close-up look at the new NZXT E Series digital PSU.

The most notable features of the E Series digital power supplies include:

  • Active monitoring for the 12V, 5V, and 3.3V rails
  • Total power-on time tracking enabled using the embedded real-time clock (RTC)
  • Digital multi-rail over-current protection (OCP) for all three 12V outputs, with adjustable thresholds for the 12V CPU (4+4 pin) and GPU (6+2 pin PCIe) connections
  • Japanese capacitors rated at 105°C
  • 80 PLUS Gold certification
  • Fully modular design means you use only the cables you need
  • 10-year Warranty and NZXT Service and Support

All these features combined mean you’ll be able to:

  1. Monitor your PCs performance: The E Series uses a powerful digital signal processor (DSP) providing real-time wattage indicators for the three 12V rails, along with total up-time and internal temperature. Compare CPU and GPU power draw to their rated TDP and track historical data using CAM.
  2. Have a safer PC: In addition to providing high-precision monitoring, the onboard DSP lets you enable independent over-current protection (OCP) for the 12V output to the motherboard, CPU, and GPU, providing even better protection for your expensive components.
  3. Make your PC more reliable and efficient: All 80 PLUS Gold certified E Series PSUs are built using Japanese capacitors, rated to 105° C, providing long-term durability and reliability, and are backed by a 10-year limited warranty.
  4. Make your PC quieter: When powering loads under 100W total, the 0dB Mode provides fully silent operation. Using CAM, you can optimize your own fan curve to suit your system or choose between the Silent, Performance, or Fixed preset modes.
  5. Give your PC everything it needs: E Series PSUs support single- or multi-GPU builds and the fully modular design means you use just the connections you need for your build, reducing cable clutter and simplifying system building and expansion.
How CAM monitors the performance of the NZXT E Series digital PSU.

Which E Series digital PSU is for you?

All E Series digital power supplies include the same features, but the one you choose will depend on what you’re using your PC for. We know it can be confusing to figure out which PSU you should use so here’s what we recommend!

E500: For builds that need less power, the E500 is a more budget-friendly option with the same reliability, stability, and safety of the other E Series PSUs.

E650: Rated at 650 watts, the E650 delivers plenty of power for your gaming rig, even if you’re overclocking. A great choice for almost every build.

E850: With 850 watts of clean, stable power, the E850 is ideal for gaming PCs with multiple GPUs, or higher power requirements. The E850 is a must-have for SLI or Crossfire builds.

Learn more about the E Series digital supplies

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