6 PC Hardware Components You Should Understand before Building a PC

Building a PC is fun, easy, and rewarding. The most important thing you should consider when building a PC is selecting the correct parts. With this article, we will provide you with the essential guidance in building a PC for yourself.

First and foremost, you should do some research. Here are the first six PC hardware components you should understand before building a PC.

#1 Central Processing Unit (CPU)

This is the brain of your PC and does all the processing work within the system. The CPU is the device that gives life to the PC you are about to build. All the programs are executed under the control of the CPU. You will find CPUs with different “cores” and with different performances. The number of cores determine the possible number of tasks that can be carried out simultaneously by a processor. If your intention is to use your PC for gaming, you may select a processor with a higher number of cores. CPUs usually generate enormous amount of heat depending on the performance. To reduce this heat, cooling fans and liquid cooling systems are necessary.

#2 Motherboard (MOBO)

This is the main circuit of the PC because all the peripherals are connected to the motherboard. When you buy additional components, you should check if they are compatible with the motherboard. More importantly, the CPU should be compatible with the motherboard. You may seek the assistance of the sellers to verify the compatibility.

#3 Random Access Memory (RAM)

This is the volatile memory of the PC and stores all the details of the running programs. The data stored here will be erased and work as a fresh memory module upon every reboot. Once the programs are loaded into the RAM, it works faster. For heavy work like gaming, you’ll need more RAM installed in your PC.

#4 Graphics Card (GPU)

Gamers should definitely pay extra attention to graphics cards. Once you install a separate graphics card, the CPU will have less to do in graphics processing. This will cause your PC to run smoothly with good graphical performance. The options are vast when looking for a graphics card and prices can range from $50 to $2000 depending on the performance. For high-end graphical work, you’ll need something expensive. If money is a concern, you can always buy the graphics card that meets the minimum required graphic memory of the heaviest software you intend to use.

#5 Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

This is the memory bank of the PC. It stores all the data of the programs, projects, OS, etc. Always buy a reliable HDD with good brand and performance. A 1TB drive is usually enough for most people but Solid State Drives (SSDS) which are faster are rapidly getting cheaper and also a great option.

#6 Chassis (CASE)

This is the piece that holds your PC together and protects all of the hardware. There are various designs to choose from and you should consider many factors – not just the appearance. You should always choose a case with a good airflow and the features you require for better performance.

Start Building

These five pieces of hardware barely scratch the surface of building a PC but are crucial to understand in your building journey. If you need more help, visit buildapc.nzxt.com or download our free “How to Build a PC” eBook. As always, you can always leave us comments or get in touch via social media if you have any questions.