3 Awesome Gift Ideas for PC Gamers

The holidays are finally here and it’s time to start shopping for the PC gamers your life. But with so many awesome things to buy, how do you narrow down your options? The answer is simple: I’ll do it for you!

Here are 3 awesome gift ideas for PC gamers:

1. Anything to experience virtual reality PC gaming

Virtual reality gaming is set to be huge with the total worldwide market predicted to be worth $40.4 billion dollars in three years. This means a lot of PC gamers will be upgrading or building new computers to experience this new technology and will need new hardware that can handle it. And there’s no better way to show off that new hardware with a fancy new VR-optimized case designed to do just that.

Recommendation: S340 Elite VR PC Case ($99.99 USD)


2. Anything to improve the performance of PC gaming

Regardless of the type of games the PC gamer in your life is playing, one thing is certain: they care about performance! One of the easiest ways to get the most out of your PC is to make it cooler – literally and figuratively! Go ahead and give someone the ultimate in coolness this holiday season with an AIO unlike anything they’ve ever seen.

Recommendation: Kraken AIO Liquid Cooler ($129.99+ USD)


3. Anything to improve the appearance of PC gaming

All PC gamers are different but most of them love showing of the hardware inside their PC. After all, isn’t that why clear side panels exist? If you think the PC gamer in your life can spruce up their rig, some good ol’ RGB always does the trick.

Recommendation: Aer RGB Fans ($29.99+ USD)


Need more holiday help?

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