3 Ways the H500 Improves Upon the S340

Itโ€™s no secret that the NZXT S340 mid-tower case is popular among builders around the world. One glance at PCPartPicker will show you thousands of S340 builds that range from budget-friendly to extremely expensive. Thereโ€™s no doubt the S340 is a great case for all types of builders, but the design is four years old and could use a little bit of fine-tuning.

Our newest case, the NZXT H500 compact mid-tower, takes the best elements from the S340’s design and also improves many of the features builders have requested from the S340. We’ve received a lot of feedback about the S340 throughout the years and spent a lot of time refining the H500 to give builders what they want. However, despite these improvements, there are still some people asking questions like: “how does the H500 improve upon the S340?”

Here are 3 ways the H500 improves upon the S340:

Reason #1: The H500 has tempered glass

At the time of its release in 2014, tempered glass on PC cases wasn’t the norm. And while we did update the case in 2016 as the S340 Elite with tempered glass, the original S340 never got the special treatment it deserved. Builders were stuck with a plastic side panel that did a good job at showcasing hardware, but also prone to scratches.

The H500 not only adds tempered glass, but also features a new mounting mechanism that eliminates the need for front-facing thumb screws. This not only makes it easier than ever to mount the tempered glass side panel, but it also provides a cleaner aesthetic while making it safer to add and remove from the case. No more broken glass!

Hardware Canucks demonstrating how to mount the tempered glass side panel on the H500.

Reason #2: The H500 has better cable management

One of the reasons builders love the S340 so much is because of its cable management. No matter what type of hardware you use, the S340 guarantees a clean build with minimal effort. However, this also requires you to bundle cables together and tie them down to the case.

The H500 includes the same cable routing channels found on the popular H Series case lineup. These channels guide every cable to where it needs to be and keeps everything in place with easy-to-use Velcro straps. To make cable management even easier, we’ve included a removable radiator bracket to simplify water cooler installation and the back panel clips on so you don’t have to try and slide it into place over a bunch of cables.

System installation and expansion is made easy with all-new cable management system.

Reason #3: The H500 has better airflow

The S340’s elegant look is another reason builders flock to it. However, this simple design also restricts airflow to a certain extent because there’s not much space for improvement. Needless to say, this was a common complaint from builders who felt restricted by its lack of cooling options.

At first glance, the H500 doesn’t look like it would have improved airflow. But as the old saying goes: looks can be deceiving. A new perforated grill that runs up along the entire front-side of the case not only improves airflow – but test results from Gamers Nexus and Hardware Canucks also prove that this design can keep up with other cases featuring mesh front panels.

Premium, all-steel construction with the sleek H Series design.

Should you get the H500 or S340?

The four-year-old S340 is still a great case that holds up well, but it’s hard not to recommend the H500 when it has improved features along with the same $69 price tag. The $99 H500i version also provides a lot more value over the similarly priced S340 Elite because it includes integrated RGB lighting and fan control. Ultimately, the choice will be yours, but hopefully this blog post makes the decision easier for you!