The 3 Things Gamers Like Most about Playing CS:GO

Unlike other games in the FPS genre, CS:GO is very ‘basic’, it lacks any gimmick seen in other games such as Titanfall which uses wall running and mechs. CS:GO is a simple FPS game without a detailed plot line; there is no one ‘special’ thing about the game. Players must work together in teams to complete objectives or slaughter the enemy team. Most FPS games offer similar gamemodes so why is CS:GO so popular?

Here are the 3 things gamers like most about playing CS:GO

Reason #1 – CS:GO Weapon Skins are Cool

Weapon skins in CS:GO are plentiful and they vary greatly between being tactical and flashy; many of them are also extremely expensive. The most obvious explanation for this is that, players want to look cool and have the rarest skins, however this makes the demand for the skins higher than the amount of available. So it lets people sell skins for extremely high prices, the rarest knives in the game can sell for over $500 and people actually buy them. Some people even earn money through the game just by selling skins or by holding on to crates until they’ve been discontinued as that pushes the price up. If done right, there is a lot of money to be made just by selling skins.

Being able to customize the character doesn’t really add anything to the player experience, they cannot see their own character so there was no real reason to add this to the game. The next best way to customize was with weapons skins, it means that this is the only way players can look different to each other. Plus, the player can actually see their weapon as they move around the map.

Using a weapon skin makes a player look unique, cool and allows them to show off their luck or their cash with rare skins. It’s a simple reason for the obsession with skins but it does make a lot of sense, some players just want to look as cool as possible when they kill people.

Reason #2 – CS:GO Gambling Makes the Game Intriguing

The idea of gambling on a video game might seem strange to some people but for CS:GO players, this can be the norm. Players gamble on unofficial websites with skins in an attempt to get better ones from the prize pool; these websites usually require players to deposit some of their skins or some money in order to play, they can then get something back but there is no guarantee it will be worth anything more.

It’s not surprising that people also bet on the eSports side of CS:GO; people can bet on which team they think will win and are usually provided with several statistics which displays the teams kill/death ratio and more.

Why players gamble on skins is probably the same reason as why some skins sell for hundreds of dollars; players with little money or ‘worthless’ skins also want to get some cool looking skins. The easiest way in their case would be to gamble for them; it gives them a chance to get a cool skin from something they hate. When it comes to betting on eSports matches, it’s just another way to support the industry; players can earn money by accurately guessing which team will win and what will happen, it works just like with any physical sport.

Reason #3: CS:GO is Fun to Watch

Watching people play video games for entertainment is a fairly new concept and when it comes to Twitch, CS:GO has been one of the most popular games of all time; thousands of viewers tune in to watch various streamers play the game. When it comes to watching people on Twitch, there’s no set ‘reason’ for it. Some people watch for fun, because they like the streamer, because they want to improve their skill or because they want to watch competitions.

CS:GO has regular eSports tournaments that pits professional teams against each other as they fight for prizes, ranking and for the right to compete in higher tier competitions. The majority of eSports tournaments are treated almost exactly the same as a physical sport, they are big events that attract thousands of viewers from around the world. Viewers tune in to support their favorite teams, to watch the exciting matches and take part in the discussions about the game. For watchers, they can be a very social experience and also an educational one.

Just how people watch physical sports for different reasons, players also watch other gamers play their favorites games for various reasons too. Those looking to improve or enter competitive play will stay glued to the screens and dissect the gameplay to find ways to improve themselves whereas more casual players will watch for the fast paced action, the thrill of the tournament and to support their favorite teams.

What does the future hold for CS:GO?

The future for CS:GO looks to be a positive one; there are no other FPS games yet that seem to rival it and the series has a dedicated fan base to back it. The number of players is increasing every year and new teams are always entering the still-growing competitive scene, both by competing in ranked matches and by moving on to eSports.

Despite the game being released in 2012, it’s still not done growing yet and with a lack of competition from other games it looks like the future is a very certain one. Players can make a good amount of money from the game and that can be very attractive to new players, combined with the prestige of being a high skill player in the game makes CS:GO one of the best FPS games around for serious players.

There are over 100,000 players in the game at any one time according to the most recent Steam statistics and the game can have over 600,000 people in game at peak times. This is not just a PC game however, it is also available on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

With so many FPS games in existence across a range of platforms, it’s safe to say players will keep coming back to CS:GO for a long time.

What do you like most about playing CS:GO?