3 Reasons You Should Build a PC with the NZXT S340 Elite

Ever since the NZXT S340 Elite was unveiled last month, builders have been wondering what makes this case different from the original design. It’s pretty easy to see the similarities between the two cases because the S340 Elite carries over a lot of the same features that are popular from the original NZXT S340 design. But if you’re wondering what the differences are, this blog post is for you!

Here are 3 reasons you should  build a PC with the new NZXT S340 Elite:

Reason #1 – The S340 Elite Shows Off Your Build


Anyone who has built a PC using the original NZXT S340 will agree the case is great at showing off your build. This is because the S340 features an open-interior design combined with a large window and a compact size. In other words: the chassis is perfect for anyone who wants to show off the hardware that powers their PC.

The brand new NZXT S340 Elite expands on the original S340’s ability to showcase builds and adds a full-size tempered glass panel. This giant window guarantees a crisp view of your system and makes sure your building efforts don’t go unnoticed. And that’s something you’ll definitely want to do if you’re the type of builder who is proud of their work.

Reason #2 – The S340 Elite Makes Virtual Reality Easy


It’s no secret virtual reality is the future of PC gaming. Sure, there aren’t many popular VR games at the moment but that is bound to change with the amount of resources gaming companies are investing into this new technology. And if you want to be a part of it, the S340 Elite is for you.

The S340 Elite makes virtual reality easy by adding HDMI and USB ports to the top panel. This convenient addition allows you to plug in your VR headset to the front of the case without having to mess with cables on the back. To make things even easier, the S340 Elite also has a rear cut-out to route the HDMI cable straight into your graphics card.

Reason #3 – The S340 Elite Includes a Puck


Everyone who buys an S340 Elite will be surprised to find a nice little surprise NZXT has included with every case. We call it a “puck” and designed it to make it easy for you to manage those messy cables on the outside of your case. This means you’ll never have to think twice about what to do with those long VR headset cables!

The puck isn’t just for VR headsets though and is also suitable for hanging up your headphones when you’re not using them or anything else you can think of. And because it’s magnetic, you’ll be able to use the puck on a lot more than your PC case.

Learn More about the NZXT S340 Elite

There are many more reasons to build a PC using the NZXT S340 Elite. The entire case features detailed engineering that includes full-filtered intakes, steel-plated audio jacks, captive thumbscrews, and a slew of cable management solutions. With so many features, you’re bound to find a good reason to build a PC using the S340 Elite.

Learn more about the NZXT S340 Elite at nzxt.co/s340elite