The 3 Most Overlooked Benefits of Building a Gaming PC

For many, the idea of building a computer is scary as it sounds like a lot of work but in reality it’s very simple. It’s just like putting Lego together; only the pieces are a little more fragile. There are websites online that compare components to ensure that your build would work, websites that would help troubleshoot any launch problems and even places you can call to talk you through the process.

Building a personal gaming PC is one of the best things you could ever do as a PC gamer for a wide variety of reasons, here are just a few of them.

Building a gaming PC is cheap

It may be easier to purchase a pre-made computer as it arrives in one piece but this is very expensive. When you buy a pre-made you are paying for: the components, labor time, taxes and more. In reality, a pre-made computer that sells for around $1000 is built from components that cost around $600 or less.

If you were to use that $1000 to build a computer instead, then you will get components worth that full amount as you are not paying for any extra labor.

So in short, a pre-made computer gives you less value for your money and a self-built PC will have a superior performance for a reduced cost.

Building a gaming PC is personal

One of the best things about building a gaming PC is the freedom that comes with it. When you purchase a standard pre-made computer, you just have to accept whatever the company has put into it even if you don’t like certain brands.

Building a PC means you can select every single component in the machine yourself; you can decide over what brand Graphics Card to get, what case looks best and even add lights if that’s your style. All you need to do is make sure the components all work together and that the case is large enough.

Plus, you can build the PC to fit any of your needs. You can build a dedicated YouTube/Twitch machine, one for hosting servers, one for editing, one for 4K, one for VR devices or just a beast PC gaming machine to run all games at the highest possible graphics settings.

It gives you the ultimate freedom over your computer so you can build a personalized computer to suit your needs.

Building a gaming PC has better warranties

When it comes to pre-made computers, they typically have a one year warranty that covers the entire PC and then that’s it. If a part of the PC breaks, you will need to send the whole thing back.

The difference here is that when you buy individual components, each one will have its own warranty. So if the graphics card breaks, you just send that card back instead of the whole computer. Plus, the components usually have much longer warranties with some having up to three years, and some RAM even has a lifetime warranty.

Building a gaming PC grants you with a longer protection period and means that if something breaks or is faulty, you just send that component back instead of the entire machine.

Building a gaming PC is freedom!

Building a gaming PC gives you much more freedom over the computer; you can select the hardware components and find the perfect case that suits your personal style. It even means you’ll have more money to put into the components so that it results in a high-performance machine that will stay up to date with advancing technology for several years.