The Best NZXT Gifts for PC Gamers

December 19, 2017 | By Mark Ferguson | PRODUCTS

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Have You Been a Salty or Sweet PC Gamer?

For those of you who answered sweet, we have a special treat just for you. We’ve prepared the ultimate NZXT gift guide for PC gamers this holiday season and it’s packed full of goodies that’s guaranteed to be on any NZXT’s fan wishlist. If you’ve been salty, thank your healers, don’t forget your “GG”s and be sure to clear those salty chat logs because you won’t want to miss out on these awesome gifts.

In this gift guide, you’ll find a list of gift ideas for that glorious PC gamer in your life. We’ve even categorized them so you can easily determine the best gift options for every situation. Be sure to share this gift guide with everyone and let them know what PC gamers really want:

We want PC gaming gear! Goodbye socks and sweaters from grandma, hello Krakens and Pucks!

Gifts for Your Significant PC Gamer


For that extra special someone in you’re life, we’ve gathered some gift ideas that would make any PC gamer happy. All of the gift ideas in this category are primary components and PC gamers may already own one or more of them so be sure to hint around and see which option is best for you.

If you’re tired of looking at that same old case and you think their setup needs some NZXT aesthetics, grab a new case that’s worthy of being displayed. It’s a great way to give an old system a fresh new look and an excuse for you to finally match the case with the rest of your setup. The price point varies but we’ve included some of our clean and modern cases that will look nice with any hardware. If you’d like more options, be sure to visit our NZXT store for a complete list of all of our cases.

Here are 3 cases PC gamers love:




Features integrated RGB lighting and built-in fan control.




Perfect for silent gaming and massive cooling support.


S340 Elite


Showcases builds with crisp clarity and also has front panel VR support.

CPU Coolers

If the PC gamer on your shopping list games as much as we do, their CPU is sure to heat up during those long gaming sessions. Gift them a new AIO CPU cooler and help them keep that CPU nice a cool this winter. Our NZXT infinity mirror is also great for those systems that need a bit of that NZXT RGB flare. For those of you who are feeling extra generous this year, all of these options work with the cases mentioned above. If you are unsure on which one to choose, check out our guide on NZXT Kraken AIO Liquid coolers.

Here are 3 AIO coolers that would make any PC gamer cool:


Kraken X62


High Performance 280mm Liquid cooler with lighting and CAM controls.


Kraken X52


High Performance 240mm Liquid cooler with lighting and CAM controls.


Kraken X42


High Performance 140mm Liquid cooler with lighting and CAM controls.

Gifts for Your PC Gaming Friends

This section of the guide will help you pick out the perfect gift for your gaming buddy. We’ve selected a few gifts that should help you bicker less and be more forgiving when either of you make a mistake during a play. All of these items can be useful in any setup so take your pick and select one that’s within your budget.

Here are 3 accessories that we recommend for PC gamers:


Aer RGB & HUE+


Bundle pack of Aer RGB fans with a HUE+ LED controller.




CAM-powered 6-channel digital fan controller with Adaptive Noise Reduction.


HUE+ Extension Kit


Add two LED strips to extend HUE+ lighting.

Gifts Ideas for Stocking Stuffers

Last but not least, we have everyone’s favorite, stocking stuffers! These gifts are inexpensive and are perfect for that last minute gift idea. Who wouldn’t love a steam card or the NZXT puck? You could even use the puck to hold up your stocking. #puckit

Here are 3 gifts that fit perfectly inside any PC gamer’s stocking:


Internal USB Hub


Internal USB port expansion with dedicated power.




Cable management and headset-mounting solution for PC cases.


Gift Card


Steam card for downloading PC games!

What’s on your shopping list?

Feel like we missed something that would have been on your top wish list? Let us know in the comments below!

If you want to see more posts like this or if you have suggestions for improvements, please leave a comment below and we will be sure to incorporate them into our future blog posts. We write these blog posts for the love of PC games and the PC community so your feedback is very important to us. Thanks again!

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