Why Pros Play Rocket League on PC Instead of Console

August 31, 2016 | By Mason Dunlap | GAMING

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PC or console? It’s great when a game like Rocket League is offered on multiple platforms. This can help expand the player base and simply gives people options as to how they can enjoy their favorite game. Naturally, though, it raises a simple question: is it best to play the Rocket League on PC or on console?

It’s a fact that an overwhelming majority of Rocket League’s top professional players choose to play the game on PC. There are distinct advantages to playing Rocket League on PC (other than the obvious difference of being able to enjoy the game with pumped up graphics); to investigate why PC is the platform choice of pros, I sat down with “Turtle” from the team Exodus, one of the 4 teams in North America that made it all the way to the Rocket League Championship Series Season 1 International Live Finals LAN event.

Turtle helped shed some light on the competitive edge that professional players gain on the PC platform. Even if you aren’t competing at the highest levels of Rocket League, many of these PC benefits can still enhance your gameplay experience and even help you play better. Check out the video now!

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Mason Dunlap

Mason Dunlap

Mason “MasonRL90” is a Social Media Specialist, Rocket League Ops, and Influencer Program Manager at NZXT. His goal is to grow the Rocket League community through great content and personal involvement in the scene.