The 3 Best Pieces of PC Hardware to Get Better at CS:GO

August 16, 2016 | By @IVANZXT | GAMING

CS:GO is a game unlike any other where players are constantly tweaking their PC settings to get an extra advantage over their opponents. This game isn’t about high-end graphics or even playing with the best skins in your inventory; CS:GO is all about improving your gameplay as much as possible.

If you’ve adjusted every in-game setting you can think of, it’s time you took a look at the three best pieces of PC hardware to get better at CS:GO.

1. Invest in a quality mouse.

There’s nothing more important than having precise aim when playing CS:GO. If you’re struggling to get headshots or can’t turn around in time when you hear footsteps racing on Catwalk, do yourself a favor and purchase a mouse that allows you to configure the DPI. Once you figure out your preferred settings, lower your in-game sensitivity for increased accuracy and develop solid muscle memory every time you play.

Recommended Mouse: SteelSeries Rival 300 

Professional Player Sensitivity

2. Use a monitor with a high refresh rate.

If you’re used to playing CS:GO on a monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate, you’re definitely not fragging to your full potential. Overclocking your monitor to 75Hz is a feasible option for some, but most players will want to play on a monitor with at least a 120Hz refresh rate and 144Hz if they can afford it. A better monitor will also help you improve in other non-FPS games and the difference is like night and day.

Recommended Monitor: Nixeus Vue

3. Prioritize a faster CPU over a new GPU.

Most gamers think a GPU is the most important piece of hardware for a gaming PC. While this is true for the vast majority of new AAA PC games, the same can’t be said for CS:GO. CS:GO relies heavily on the CPU to render graphics and most players will see an additional FPS boost if they skimp on the latest graphics card in favor of a faster processor.

Recommended CPU: Intel i5 6600k

What PC hardware helped you rank up in CS:GO?

There’s plenty of other tips to help players improve in CS:GO. If you know what PC hardware helped you rank up, let us know in the comments below and help others improve!


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